A warranty can provide important peace of mind for vehicle owners by covering the cost of the maintenance and repairs required to keep the vehicle on the road. At  G AND J AUTOS we can help provide a range of comprehensive vehicle warranty options. Please contact us today for more information.

Auto Protect Warranties
For your own piece of mind we have warranty options available.We use the UK’s leading warranty specialist Auto Protect. As the world slowly but surely becomes more complicated – and that unfortunately includes cars and other vehicles – it’s important to have a plan, and someone who you can also rely on to help find a solution. We believe that most people just wish for a no jargon and honest dialogue, followed by some get up and go to put it right. Auto Protect prides itself on one simple philosophy. That is, doing the right thing in a fair and equitable manner. If we can achieve that at auto protect, then hopefully we’ll be just as happy as you.